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 $130.00 for a 90-Minute Session

$180.00  (120-minute massage)  

Nita-Rose and Bengal Player John Thornton


What is it?

A deep tissue massage incorporating professional massage techniques that are safe, deep and also feel good. 



How is it done and how safe is it?

Using overhead bars for safety and support, the therapist delivers the pressure through the soft, cushy, broad surface of the soles of her feet in a very precise and therapeutic manner  The technique creates a  push – pull – pumping affect on the supporting muscle flushing the muscles of waste and drawing fresh, oxygenated blood into the muscles.

In this way, the treatment is effective in releasing lactic acid and toxins from the muscle, breaking down scar tissue and promoting the healing process.  Ashiatsu is well documented as an effective technique especially for the treatment of shoulder, chronic lower back and neck pain - recognized by the AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION (AMA).



How is it done?:

First the muscles are warmed up with a traditional massage using therapeutic oils to sooth and relieve sore muscles followed by Ashiastu to further release tension and tightness.  Then the Ashi-Thai, a form of gentle, passive, yoga stretches, is executed in a slow and mindful manner with your verbal feedback guiding the therapist, throughout the process.  Nita-Rose will explain each stretch before its executed and will guide you to understand your “hurt so good” maximum stretch.  Nita-Rose will explain which muscles are being stretched and will also explain  how you will offer feedback with each stretch.  This ensures your comfort and safety and guarantees you will not be over stretching during the session.

Professional draping will keep you properly covered at all times throughout the massage and stretching.

Bending: This technique is used to treat tight and painful hamstrings that often are the cause of sciatica.  During a Thai Massage the limbs are put through a series of stretches sometimes using the “bending” of a limb or limbs as shown in this diagram – while at other times the leg may be stretched while straight.

Just about everyone feels they are not as mobile as they could be. Usually this is because their muscles have become stiff, lost flexibility and become chronically shortened, thereby reducing range of motion about a joint. This is often caused by overuse of particular muscle groups, due to a repetitive action, poor posture or over-training during exercise. This effect is reversible by regular stretching.   


Please bring your bathing suit when you come for your service.  A soak in our outdoor, therapeutic hot tub is included (and highly recommended) with this treatment.