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Introducing SoulCollage®

A SoulCollage® Learning Moment: Prayer from SoulCollage® on Vimeo.

A SoulCollage® Learning Moment: Releasing Grief from SoulCollage® on Vimeo.


A Journey into the question

 "Who Am I?"

Join us for a one day immersion in the Creative Journey of Self-Enquiry with facilitators Nita-Rose and Larry

 Saturday, November 6th 2016 - 9:00am - 4:00pm

Cost: $85.00 includes all supplies and a boxed lunch


Nita-Rose and Larry in the graduating class of "facilitating SoulCollage®" with instructor Catherine Anderson


Just as the "eye" cannot see itself without the aid of a "mirror", the many aspects of our "selves", from the outer personality to the inner "unconscious" cannot see itself without some form of "mirror" that we consciously hold up to it.

The "hearts mirror" hangs in the Void and SoulCollage® is the medium by which to "see" its reflection and celebrate its presence. 

If you are interested in self-enquiry, personal development, and involved in making life changes, I invite you to explore the process of SoulCollage®.  SoulCollage® is an enjoyable, immersive and creative method that will serve as a "mirror" to assist and support your process of journeying into the Self. 


Although SoulCollage® can be learned and enjoyed alone, the gentle and nourishing atmosphere created in a community of likeminded explorers deepens the experience in the learning through sharing.


Having little faith in my own creativity when I was first introduced to SoulCollage®, I quickly came to appreciate that the "Soul" is the artist in SoulCollage®. I was embarking on an inner adventure.  The tools I was given for the journey were a selection of images from which to choose to create my SoulCollage®.  I realized as I engaged with the process, that anyone can have fun being creative while exploring the inner landscapes of your own being!


To learn more about SoulCollage® and the founder, Seena Frost, please visit the SoulCollage® website at:  http://www.soulcollage.com/seena-frost