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Pregnancy massage with visualization



$95.00 for a 60 minute massage


 $125.00 for a 90 minute massage


Pregnancy weight gain and changes in hormone levels throughout pregnancy create many physical challenges for the expectant mom.  Regular massage throughout this time helps relieve many of these symptoms allowing the expectant mom to better manage and cope with the changes.

The Pregnancy Massage experience begins as you settle onto the luxurious comfort of the specialized pregnancy pillow and adjustable massage table.  Soft lighting and gentle music begin to soothe both mother and baby.  A short visualization offering suggestions that calm the mind and sooth the nervous system will relieve anxiety and dissolve any stressful thoughts and feelings that so many expectant moms suffer with.

Creating a peaceful environment in which both body and mind are able to completely relax is an invaluable practice during pregnancy

The massage uses professional pregnancy massage oils and lotions that contain the safe and gentle aromatherapy of lavender to calm the spirit.   This highly specialized oil nourishes the skin and improves its elasticity. 

Research shows that stress and anxiety in pregnancy increase the risk of low birth weight, premature delivery, and even ADHD during childhood. Prenatal massage with visualization, rejuvenates the body, restores balance to the mind to enhance the overall well being for mom and her baby.