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Tandem, Hawaiian, Temple Style, Lomi Lomi:

Transforming your massage into a healing blessing

$140.00 for a 75 minute,  4 handed Massage

$160.00 for a 90 minute, 4 handed Massage




Lomi Lomi massage is a deep and luxurious full body massage that weaves the blessing of deep peace and aloha – unconditional love, into the body 

The early Hawaiians were a peaceful people who had a deep reverence for Nature, knew compassion, forgiveness and joy, and had the belief that the core of the Universe exists in all beings. This massage feels like being held in a Mothers Love ... it feels like being cradled in the tenderness of an open and loving heart.

Why is it Sacred?   Lomi Lomi  approaches your body as  the “temple of the soul” , and  is an ancient form of bodywork that was practiced in the temples of Hawaii. 

A person receiving lomi lomi would be coming to the Temple with a specific intention.  That intention may be for healing such as perhaps grieving the loss of a loved one, or feelings of depression and fatigue, stiffness or anxiety, a divorce or any personal transition that may need to be held gently and to receive special guidance from the ancestors to help ease the person gracefully through these times of change - a ceremony that was to bless and awaken the very essence of Aloha – unconditional love within the recipient. 

It would also be received as a ritual of celebration to mark an important milestone, a new phase ... a special birthday, a wedding anniversary, a new career, or some other significant of special accomplishment.

The intention of the bodywork is to awaken your purpose for being.  It is a means to receive blessings and release negative energy.   

Together Nita-Rose and Larry have trained and studied with authentic healers in this sacred healing bodywork and are honored to offer the blessing to you in tandem. 

Tandem Massage:  Nita-Rose and Larry are skilled at working in harmony with the synchronized, choreographed sequences of strokes that ebb and flow like ocean waves over and under the body. .  Known as “loving touch massage” and “massage from the heart” this massage translates to the body the quiet, meditative power of prayer with the focus and intent of every movement coming from the heart of unconditional love.

 The Hydrotherm Experience – Taking comfort to a new level


What Does it Do?:  Provides an extraordinary level of comfort throughout the massage.  Increases circulation.  Removes toxins.  Softens the skin.  Tension melts from tired, tight muscles.  Stress dissolves from the mind.  Provides the sensation of being warmed by a gentle sun while floating on the calm waves of a tropical ocean – and that’s in just the first few minutes! 

What is it?  The Hydrotherm system is the warm, water filled mattress on the massage table allowing for an experience of delicious comfort that cradles your body. 

Nita with Lomi Lomi Instructor Tom Cochran March 2007