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(Facial, Salt Scrub and Full Body Massage Package)



The changing of the season marks the time for healing, renewing and restoring the health of your skin.  Khanya Energy Balance is for that 

Khanya Energy Balance

The "Energy Balance" is delivered at the start of the massage. Wooden rattles (maracas from Africa), are rolled over the body to exotic African music, allowing the gentle rhythmic vibrations to release blocked energy. Glittering calcite crystals and rose quartz are used for their unique powers to stimulate and harmonizing the flow of life energies.   

The full body salt glow and face exfoliation begins your journey The African ritual sets the intention for vitality, health, happiness and prosperity, which is translated to the body, through the symbolic application techniques in each step of this ritual.  Marula oil containing naturally concentrated Vitamin C and E, and the purest, clarifying and purifying mineral rich sea salts with natural tea tree extract, are applied with the intention of “releasing” and shedding the dead skin with weaving and “snaking” techniques symbolic of the snake that sheds its skin. 


The Facial mask ceremony uses a combination of lactic clay, Arganyl, Aloe Vera, Wild Mango, Vit. E and Vit. C, to energize the skin’s natural cellular functions leaving the complexion revitalized and youthfully fresh.