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 An Introduction

 The Private Spa offers massage therapy, luxurious spa body treatments and energy healing modalities to nourish the body, mind, soul, skin and senses.   A place where tension, chronic pain and fatigue are released and the heart and mind are brought to bliss. Welcome to the ultimate experience of ease.  Welcome to the Private Spa.

 If this is your first time visiting us, we will begin your service with a confidential in-take form to be completed along with a 10-minute consultation prior to the service.  This process is designed to ensure that all your expectations are met and that you do not present a contra-indication for a particular treatment.  (In some cases minor adjustments to a service may be necessary for your safety and comfort). 

 The clock is set only when you are comfortably situated on the table and Nita-Rose begins your treatment. 

 Please note: Allow for the extra time needed to fill out The Private Spa in-take form and a 10-minute consultation with Nita-Rose plus 10 minutes to soak in the therapy tub.  This extra time is not considered part of the treatment time and you will not be charged for this time.  Time “dissolves” at The Private Spa – and Nita-Rose may work longer than your scheduled time – this will be at no cost to you.  If it is important for you to be kept on time – please make both Larry and Nita-Rose aware of your time constraints to allow us to keep on time for you.

 You may begin (or end) your journey to renewal by settling into the warm, swirling waters of our outdoor Master Spa model LSX therapy tub.

 A 10-minute soak before your treatment assists in the transition from the stress of your day to the peace in this new moment; you may opt for soaking after the service that will afford you extra quiet time for integration of the treatment/s you received.  We recommend you bring your bathing suit to take advantage of this free service, and enjoy its therapeutic benefits.  The hydrotherapy waters ease muscle tension, increase circulation and promote relaxation.  

 We offer several wonderful Spa Packages.  Whether to de-tox the body, de-stress the mind - or for the sheer pleasure of well being, our packages consist of services carefully combined to compliment each other for the most effective results.