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Single Massage Gift Certificates:


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Nita-Rose's 60 minute Standard Massage.  This makes an awesome gift for the first time massage client looking to just relax or to reward yourself!  $90.00





      Nita-Rose's 75 minute Signature Massage.  This massage adds a visualization to your massage for a full body mind experience. $105.00





       Nita-Rose's 90 minute Extended Massage.  This massage will give you a Fusion Blend of her modalities to help heal, relax and rejuvenate  $120.00


         Nita-Rose's 120 minute Premier Massage.  This massage is a full body massage that incorporates our most popular massage modalities into one seamless, holistic experience.  $180.00




"People...have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed and redeemed..."

To purchase a book of massage in advance ensures you integrate massage into your schedule, making it a necessary preventative part of a healthy, holistic life style.  

Leading hospitals and rehab facilities now incorporate massage therapy into their wellness programs to speed recovery.  Massage therapy, received on a consistent basis, has a profound effect on overall health and wellness.   

With stress leading the cause for mental, emotional and physical disease today, it is wise to find preventative, alternative therapies to combat stress.  Regular massage has been proven to relieve stress, significantly lower blood pressure, boost the immune system, releases tension, and relieve chronic muscle and joint pain, insomnia, anxiety and depression becoming the most requested healthcare service in healthcare facilities and spas worldwide.  

The Spa Ultimate Package A Book of 12 Spa Treatments

(1 per month)       $1,620.00

 The Premier Spa Package Massage book consists of 12 incredible full body treatments.  This package is unique to The Private Spa.  Careful attention has been made to select the perfect holistic spa therapy and corresponding skin care products that will meet the demands of the changing climate as we move through the year. 


Books of  60 minute massage:





On-Line Scheduling is available at The Private Spa for our Standard, Signature, Extended and Premier Massages.

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