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Nita-Rose Augsbach -

Co-owner of the Private Spa in Anderson Township, Cincinnati

Nita-Rose holds the following professional licenses:

Licensed Medical Massage Therapist

Nationally Approved Continuing Education Provider (for massage and body work through the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) and the American Massage Therapist Association (AMTA))

RYTŪ certified Yoga Teacher (registered with the Yoga Alliance)

Licensed ChakraDance Facilitator

Tara Dance Instructor (A Tibetan Deity-Yoga Movement Meditation)

Nita-Rose - Course Leader Bio:

Nita-Rose graduated from massage school in 1983.  She is a dedicated massage therapist who is proficient in a wide variety of therapeutic massage and body work modalities.  As a continuing education provider Nita-Rose shares her love and understanding of the sacred experience by creating meaningful, effective and life transforming continuing education workshop.

Nita-Rose is the daughter of a meditation and Kundalini yoga teacher, Maria-Rose (also known as MamuaDevi).  Nita-Rose grew up in an Ashram founded by her mother in the early 70's in Southern Africa.  It was one of the very first holistic healing retreat centers in Southern Africa, called Tashi Ling, and was built on a 40 acre farm located on the outskirts of Johannesburg in Southern Africa.

In 2005, MamuaDevi gave her daughter Nita-Rose, the transmission and initiation into the many powerful energy healing practices that Nita-Rose had been studying under her guidance, since early childhood.

Bringing Eastern and Western philosophies together with reverence and respect, Tashi Ling was a non-sectarian community, open to all cultures, traditions and people who were sincerely interested in living a life of compassionate service and working towards uncovering their authentic essence.  

Tashi Ling was open to the public for retreats and workshops and run by a core community of 12 dedicated practitioners living on the retreat center and working under the leadership and guidance of Nita-Roses' mother.  The center was closed in 2006 after MamuaDevi who was the founder of the center, transitioned.

Nita-Rose has traveled internationally to study with teachers in many different traditions. Accompanied by her spiritual teacher and two practitioners of Tashi-Lind Nita-Rose took her first trip abroad after graduating high school - it was a pilgrimage to the holy sites in Israel, Istanbul and Rome with the final stop in London at the Little Sister of Charity.


Nita-Rosehttp://bp0.blogger.com/_f4Ydp7Cy35I/RmVsDg3T8RI/AAAAAAAAAPE/TM-XHHMneDM/s1600/MC+chapel+scanned.jpg immediately fell in love with the nuns in their white Sari's and sandaled feet.  She requested permission to join them.  Her request was granted and so it was that Nita-Rose said goodbye to her mother who returned home to South Africa while allowing her daughter to remain in London, under the care of Mother Teresa and the Sister of Charity, to follow what she believed to be her calling - to be a Catholic Nun with the Sisters of Charity in London.


It was during her time spent as a nun, that Nita-Rose understood first hand, the power of compassion to dissolve the boundaries of culture, religion, cast and color


Nita-Rose had the fortunate opportunity of spending a week with Mother Teresa, working and praying side by side with this humble nun, witnessing embodied compassion in action ...  sharing meals and mass in the small and intimate setting of the nunnery with Mother Teresa was a life transforming experience


As the months went by her longing for her spiritual teacher and mother, and for her family, home and the community she had left behind in South Africa grew stronger and finally she made the decision to leave the life of a nun and return home.


In 1979 Nita-Rose married https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSGTN5hAqT8tE0Gs3veRKQlKChaQn6c5TkZpltBEUlKJ_lVR0Xmand had 2 children.  A son and daughter.  She began her career as a massage therapist and energy healer and in 1992 immigrated to the United States.


Between 1995 - 1998 Nita-Roses' son became an ordained Zen Monk living in Plum Village in France under the guidance of Thich Nhat Hahn.  During this 3 year period Nita-Rose was able to stay for extended periods living at the monastery in retreat, learning first hand from this wonderful Zen Master who shared the life transforming lessons of being in the power of the present moment and the beauty of walking softly on the earth while embracing "mindful living".


Motivated by a deep love and passion for enquiry and study into Eastern and Western philosophy that was introduced to her at childhood, Nita-Rose is continually engaged in intensive trainings, retreats and workshop.